Saturday, December 5, 2009

Visiting Santa

We took Haylee to see Santa and she surprised us both with how easily she sat on his lap and talked to him. It seems like every year she gets just a little braver. The first year she was about six months old and she did NOT want to sit on his lap. She screamed so we figured ok maybe next year. So the next year we took her hoping for better results. It was even worse, if we got even close to where Santa was she started to cry. We didn't even try to put her on his lap. She was crying before we even got close. So When we took her last year we thought she would get it for sure. She did better but she wouldn't sit on his lap we kind of had to coax her and convince her it was o.k. This is a picture of Seth trying to convince Haylee that Santa is alright last year.

Finally we convinced her that it was ok to stand next to him. She didnt want to sit on his lap but we got close and compromised. She looked a little unsure the whole time though.

This is Haylee this year. She walked right up to Santa and got on his lap and had a long conversation with him. Afterward we asked her what Santa talked to her about and she said that he asked her if she was cleaning her room everyday. I thought "I like this Santa." He also asked her what she wanted for christmas and Haylee told him she wanted an easy bake oven. This is a little bit of a problem because I don't think that is what Santa is bringing Haylee for Christmas but I think she will be ok with that when she sees what Santa is bringing her.

They talked for awhile and even the people in line behind us commented on how good she was doing with Santa. After thinking for a little while I thought this makes sense. Haylee has become a little less shy and a little more social these days. Sometimes she comes with me to the Mothers lounge to feed Kyle at church and she will talk to all the women in there that she has never met. She will then tell me right in front of them that they are nice and that I should be friends with them. She also talks to people she has never met sometimes in the grocery store. So needless to say we have started talking to her about strangers and who we talk to and who we don't talk to. Santa is ok I think.

We then put Kyle up there so we could get a picture with them both seeing Santa. He did just fine. I don't think he is old enough to care. He kinda looked at him funny and that was it. So I thought that this was a pretty successful trip to see Santa. It got us all excited for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Milestone reached!!

So I went to get Kyles three month pictures taken last monday and they actually turned out pretty cute. He couldn't really lift his head that well though so we had to prop some pillows underneath him to get a good shot. I was pretty happy with the picture. Then that next thursday I put him down on the ground on his tummy and this is what happened.

It was almost as if he was laughing at me. "Ha Ha Mom, I waited til right after my picture to pick my head up." Oh well at least he is picking his head up now. You can really see in these pictures also just how crazy his hair is. I try to get it to lay down but it just stick back up. Oh well maybe when it gets a little bit longer it will lay down. Until then we will just embrace the craziness.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Friends

Now that Kyle has been around for awhile, I was worried that Haylee might start to get a little bit tired of having to share the attention. She started out really good and liked having a baby brother. Now that he is not really bran new anymore I thought this might change. I was wrong, I think she likes him now even more than she did then. She doesn't seem to care that I have to make her wait sometimes for things that she wants because I am busy with Kyle. She just kinda shrugs it off and is ok with it. She talks to him all the time and is constantly trying to get him to laugh. She was making silly faces at him the other day and he started to laugh at her. It was the cutest thing ever. He thinks she is pretty funny. Also a couple of times when he was crying and I wasnt right there to get him, I saw her go and get his pacifier and put it back in his mouth. One time she even went and got him a little teddy bear rattle and tried to play with him with it. She is a good little mommy. She loves to help with him, and I have even let her help me change his diaper. She uses the very tips of her fingers to touch it like its hot or something but she still tries and that is what matters.
Trying to get a picture of these two is next to impossible. Even the professional couldn't do it. I tried like twenty times to get one. Everytime Kyle smiled Haylee wasn't looking or had a silly face. And everytime Haylee was smiling, Kyle wasn't looking or looks stunned, like in the one I have on here. So when we got Kyle 3 month pictures taken I decided to try and get a good picture of them. It was pretty much the same story for her though. Their pictures were so bad I didn't end up buying any of them. They are pretty cute though, it is just hard ages for pitures I guess. But I am really glad that they are getting along so well. Haylee asked me the other day if I could go back to the hospital and get a girl this time because she wanted a baby sister now. She also told me that next time we are going to have twins, a girl and a boy. All I could say was "oh really." I guess we'll see about that one. I hope these two are always such good friends.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Well we hope that everyone had a good halloween this year. We had a great one. We had a cute little skeleton for the trunk or treat. When I bought this outfit for Kyle I was so sure that it would fit him. When I went to put it on him it was really snug. This made me both happy and sad at the same time. I am thankful to have a healthy growing boy but he is growing so fast sometimes I feel like I can't keep up. We had him in the skeleton outfit for the trunk or treat and it was so small on him that I didnt want to put him in it again because its probably not that compfortable and not wanting to buy something else at the las minute I decided to just look in his closet and see what I could find.

I don't remember who gave us this little camoflage outfit but it worked good. I put that on him and put some cute boots on him and called him an army man. Seth said he looked more like a hunter though. Afterward though Seth came up with a cute costume that we should have dressed Kyle up in. His hair is constantly sticking straight up, so he said we should have bought him a black onsie and cut out a yellow lighting bolt and pasted it on it, puffed his hair up and he could have gone as electricity. I thought that was a cute idea. It didnt matter what he was though, he was cute in anything.

Haylee decided to go as a kitty cat this year. She changed her mind about a hundred times. A couple of weeks before Halloween we were at Wal Mart and she saw a Tinkerbell costume. She loved it and said that was what she wanted to be. I thought about getting it for her but with halloween still a little while away I thought there was a good chance that she would change her mind again. Well she did and she made a cute little kitty cat. I was actually really glad that she changed her mind because it was easier to make a kitty cat a warm costume and it cost less.

I decided that I was going to try to get creative with her costume and add a white tummy. I thought of the cat and the hat and got some white felt and just cut out her white tummy. I thought it actually turned out pretty good. I also thought that it made her look even more like a kitty cat. However while we were trick or treating someone asked her if she was a penguin and I thought maybe the white tummy wasn't a good idea. But I think it was just because she didn't have her ears on because they kept blowing off her head when she would run.

This year Haylee got to go trick or treating with her cousins. This is a picture of her cousin Chloe dressed as a bunny and Haylee ready to go out trick or treating.

This picture turned out kinda dark but this is the gang trick or treating. Hank was Thomas the train engine, and Dylan was a dark scary guy with a mask. His mask kept on scarying Hank though and he wouldn't even go near him. They all looked pretty good I thought.

At the beginning Haylee and Chloe were literally running from door to door. They eventually ran out of steam though. Here they are headed to the next house.

After it was all said and done I was amazed at how much candy Haylee got. Here is a picture of the final result. She was pretty proud of all her candy. Seth explained to Haylee all about taxes on her candy. I don't think she quite understood what he was saying but is happy to share a piece or two with Mom and Dad. We had a great halloween this year and Seth and I can't believe that next year we are going to have two little trick or treaters and we can't wait.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fun!

We made it out to the pumkin patch this year. We had so much fun. First Seth and Haylee decided to tackle the big straw mountain. Haylee was a little nervous about climbing herself so Seth went with her.

After the straw mountain Haylee took a wack at the straw maze. She loves mazes for some reason and is very good at them. She loves to take her pencil and try to find the way out. She was excited that this maze was life size. She got mixed up a couple of times but eventually found her way out. She had a blast, each time she finished she wanted to do it again and again. I would say that she successfully defeated this straw maze.

I thought this was pretty cute, we got to see how tall we are this fall. There is Daddy at 6 foot 4 inches, and Haylee at aproximately 3 foot 3 inches.

Then me at 5 foot 5 inches

We then decided that we would try our luck at the corn maze. Seth told me that it might take awhile and I thought maybe 20 minutes. Well I was wrong. I think we were in that thing forever, or what seemed like forever. We started with alot of energy and after about 15 minutes I said, "I think that we have been here before," we went in circles a couple of times. I have only been in one other corn maze and I remembered it being fairly easy. I had it finished in like 10 minutes. Well this one was a bit tougher and I dont really have any sense of direction so I was glad that Seth was there or I think they would have had to call search and rescue.

My excuse was that Haylee was leading us but I think she actually did a pretty good job. Finally I told Seth I was done with this "fun" and was ready to leave. And we finally found our way out of ther. It probably took us about 40 minutes.

Here is a picture of Seth and Haylee with the #1 finger after we defeated the corn maze.

They also had a little animal trian that I thought was really cute. I thought Haylee would have a good time riding it. She had to go by herself though and at first she didnt want to leave us. We thought this was good though for her to know that she doesnt always need us around and she can do things on her own. I was a little worried that she wouldnt like it but when the train pulled back up she had a great big smile on her face and said, "I want to do it again!" I thought, "well she doesnt need us." That was good.

The pumkin selection was actually really bad this year. We had a hard time finding anything good. Haylee prefers the little pumkins anyway. We ended up leaving with two little ones and one medium sized one. But it was still fun.

Haylee wanted me to go with her on the big blow up slide. I decided to be a trooper and join all the kids and take her on it. As I was trying to climb the blow up ladder to get to the top and I was being passed by all these like 6 year olds I realized that I might be a little out of shape. It was tough though trying to get myself and Haylee up to the top without get run down by all the kids behind us complaining that we were taking too long. But we made it, and I think I got a little bit of a workout so it was all good.

After the pumkin patch we were so full of the Halloween fun that we decided to just make a day of it. We thought we would get crafty and we went out and got stuff to make doughnut jack -o-lanterns. I thought they turnedout pretty good. We just put frosting on plain doughnuts and then put a chocolate frosting face on them. We had a lot of fun making them but they were a little to sweet. That much frosting on a doughnut was a little much for me.

What I thought was so funny is last Halloween we decorated pumpkin cookies and I have a picture of Haylee and I that is similar to this one only, of course Haylee is smaller. I thought it would be neat to continue doing something like this every year. We've got our own little tradition going here. How great!!

Haylee didnt think so though and she probably would have eaten them all if I would have let her.

We arent the most creative when it comes to things like this so we were pretty proud of our accomplishment. Kyle was a trooper too through the whole day. I am so lucky to have such a good baby. At one point I told Seth that he is either eating, sleeping or smiling. I love pictures like this of our little family.

Finally we got down to the dirty business of carving our pumkins. Seth of course carved the seahawks logo into his pumkin and Haylee and I did an owl. We also did them the next night. I had to put this picure of Kyle in the pumkins on here. It was cute he thought it was fun. We had a really good time this year and I think our pumkins turned out good too. Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting bigger

Our little man is just growing up too fast. He is starting to be a lot of fun though. He is starting to smile and coo all the time. I love this stage, I love all the baby sounds that they make. He tries so hard to talk, you can see it all just welling up inside him. I have tried so many times to capture his cute little smile. However I think he is on to me because everytime I get the camera out he stops smiling and I usually end up with pictures like these

I got lucky a couple of time though and was able to catch him smiling a little bit. I love the smiles and the coos but it is a little sad at the same time because he is growing so fast. I feel like I have to capture every minute so that I dont miss anything.

I had to get a snap shot of this kids hair all wild. He loves to get his hair washed and Mom can't resist making it all stand up and taking pictures of it. He didn't seem to mind too much. He has a lot of hair and no matter what I do I cannot get it all to lay down. Some of it is always sticking straight up. After I washed and dried his hair this is what it looked like. I think it is pretty darn cute.

Uncle Shane and Aunt Megan let us borrow there fancy swing for Kyle and he absolutley loves it. There is a mirror right above the seat that he just stares into. He is also really amazed by the mobile, it goes around and up and down. He watched the little bird and the bee go around. I am also able to get more done because he will let me put him down in the swing for a while. Thanks a lot to Shane and Megan we love it.

As you can tell I take a lot of pictures of this little guy. I feel like I can almost see him growing sometimes. I did the same think when Haylee was this age. It just makes you feel like you have to take a million pictures so that you dont miss anything.

Haylee is still pretty happy with her little brother I think. She did ask me the other day though how long we were going to keep Kyle for. I told her that we were going to keep him forever and she just said "oh." Then she asked me "well when did Kyle come out of your tummy." So I think she gets that part at least. She tells me all the time that my tummy is still big. I try to just smile and take this as motivation to get up and exercise.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A blessing for Kyle

Last weekend Kyle was blessed by his daddy. It was really neat because Kyle wore the same outfit that Seth wore when he was blessed. I thought, "What a neat thing to be able to bless your son in the same outfit that you were blessed in." My mother in law says that she even has a picture of Seth in the outfit so I am going to get a copy and put the two pictures next to eachother in his scrap book. I thought that would be really neat to have. Kyle did really good, he just slept the whole time he was being blessed. I was a little concerned because he was a little bit fussy that morning but it all worked out ok.

We were glad that my parents were able to come up to see Kyle blessed. This was the first time that my Dad had even seen Kyle so it was special. We had a good visit with them while they were here.

Seth was really nervous about the blessing all that morning. He did a great job though and was a little relieved to have it all done and over with. He joked about how he was going to bless him to be 6 foot 8 and be a profesional ball player. I told him that I thought that might be a little inapropriate. In the end we had a great blessing that I felt was perfect for this little guy.

Here is a picture of all the men that blessed my little guy. My Dad, Seth, his dad Bruce, and his brother Shane.

I can't get used to pictures of our little family of four. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful kids, and be building my own little family.