Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Say a prayer for me!!

Our precious baby boy will be going to Seattle Childrens Hospital this weekend for surgery on his head. When he was born the plates on his head fused down the middle so he needs surgery to correct this. We are told it is a fairly common thing and the doctors at Seattle childrens are really good and do a lot of these surgeries. We are still very anxious and worried about our little guy and could really use all the prayers and blessings we can get. He is just as sweet and cute as can be he is laughing and playing every day. He is a happy little baby and it breaks my heart that he has to go through this. I will be happy when it is over with and they tell me all went well. But until then say a prayer for my little guy, I'd apprecite it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween fun!!

Well I have been meaning to post about our halloween for a while now, better late than never I guess. We had a fun halloween this year we went trick or treating with cousins. It was pretty busy with kids everywhere but a lot of fun. Poor Kyle just couldn't keep up with the bigger kids so he had to be carried pretty much the whole time. He had fun though. Here is the gang together ready to head out and gather some candy. Pretty good looking bunch if you ask me.

We had some cute trick or treaters this year. They seem to just get cuter and cuter.

We had a pretty rockin rock star. We put her costume together with just whatever we could find and it was actually a lot of fun. I found anything that had glitter of sparkled and called it good. We found some glitter letters to stick on her pants and spell rock star. We also found some jewels that you could just stick on and we just put these all over her costume. I also got her some fake eye lashes because she wanted them soo bad but when we tried to put them on she didn't like them so that didn't work. She had some sparkley shoes and a sparkley vest and glitter in her hair and everywhere else. I thought she looked pretty good.

As for Max he wasn't goin trick or treating this year so I just got him a little jumper that said little pumpkin on it and kinda looked like a pumpkin he was cute as ever though.

Kyle was the cutest cowboy I think I have ever seen. We weren't sure what to have him be for halloween and it literally came down to the last second. We were going to have him be a football player again this year even though that is what he was last year because everything else we tried failed. He did not want to wear anything that was obviously a costume. I have a dog costume that Haylee wore last year and he did a really good impression of a dog but when it came down to putting this funny looking hair thing over his head he would have no part of that. I also had the idea of making him a cookie and having Seth wear a cookie monster shirt, that way he could be the cookie monster and Kyle could be his cookie. He didn't like that either it might have been because I told him I was going to eat him. Oh well!!! So last minute he was playing upstairs and he had put on this cowboy hat and said gittyup and I thought that is what he should be. So we ran to the store and grabbed a cute little cowboy costume and it worked great because the costume was just like normal clothes to Kyle. And he LOVED that he got to ride on this little horse on a stick. It was a hit.

We had some fun a few days before carving our pumpkins. Haylee has become a pro and carving pumpkins and she dives right in there and gets all the yucky stuff out.

Kyle is another story. He was pretty grossed out that we would even think about touching that stuff and he would have not part of that so he painted a face on his pumpkin instead. He had fun with that.

We were able to go to the pumpkin patch this year with my sister and her kids because they came for a visit. It was really fun and we found some good pumpkins.

Kyle liked this one because it was small enough for him to carry himself.

Even though he sure tried to pick up the big ones. He finally found that they were a little to heavy for him. But I sure loved the faces he made when he would try to pick up the big ones.

We had a good time at the mercantile. They had lots of fun things for the kids to do.

We rode on a hay ride.

We went through the corn maze.

We went to the petting zoo and saw the animals. Kyle loved this he loves animals, he always has. And he has always been really good with animals. He was pretty amazed by all the big animals he got to see and pet.

The kids also ran through the maze of hay. They had fun running through and Haylee was very helpful getting Kyle through. He pretty much just ran behind her and followed her but what are big sisters for right.