Saturday, December 5, 2009

Visiting Santa

We took Haylee to see Santa and she surprised us both with how easily she sat on his lap and talked to him. It seems like every year she gets just a little braver. The first year she was about six months old and she did NOT want to sit on his lap. She screamed so we figured ok maybe next year. So the next year we took her hoping for better results. It was even worse, if we got even close to where Santa was she started to cry. We didn't even try to put her on his lap. She was crying before we even got close. So When we took her last year we thought she would get it for sure. She did better but she wouldn't sit on his lap we kind of had to coax her and convince her it was o.k. This is a picture of Seth trying to convince Haylee that Santa is alright last year.

Finally we convinced her that it was ok to stand next to him. She didnt want to sit on his lap but we got close and compromised. She looked a little unsure the whole time though.

This is Haylee this year. She walked right up to Santa and got on his lap and had a long conversation with him. Afterward we asked her what Santa talked to her about and she said that he asked her if she was cleaning her room everyday. I thought "I like this Santa." He also asked her what she wanted for christmas and Haylee told him she wanted an easy bake oven. This is a little bit of a problem because I don't think that is what Santa is bringing Haylee for Christmas but I think she will be ok with that when she sees what Santa is bringing her.

They talked for awhile and even the people in line behind us commented on how good she was doing with Santa. After thinking for a little while I thought this makes sense. Haylee has become a little less shy and a little more social these days. Sometimes she comes with me to the Mothers lounge to feed Kyle at church and she will talk to all the women in there that she has never met. She will then tell me right in front of them that they are nice and that I should be friends with them. She also talks to people she has never met sometimes in the grocery store. So needless to say we have started talking to her about strangers and who we talk to and who we don't talk to. Santa is ok I think.

We then put Kyle up there so we could get a picture with them both seeing Santa. He did just fine. I don't think he is old enough to care. He kinda looked at him funny and that was it. So I thought that this was a pretty successful trip to see Santa. It got us all excited for Christmas.