Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter fun!!

This year for Easter we went to our new neighborhoods annual easter egg hunt. It was really fun. It was put on in one of the parks nearby. They let the little kids, ages 0-3 go first for about a minute before they let the older kids go. I thought that was a good idea. Kyle was a little unsure of what we wanted him to do at first, but he got the hang of it pretty quick.

Haylee had no problems. She took off as soon as they said go and started grabbing eggs. She had a lot of fun.

There were a lot of kids at the easter egg hunt and they only hid 7 golden eggs. If you found a golden egg then you took it up to the table and they gave you a special prize. Haylee was one of the lucky ones to find a golden egg. She got 5 dollars in quarters and a snickers candy egg.

Kyle was curious about the easter bunny but at a safe distance. This is about as close as he would get to him comfortably. But he watched him, probably to make sure he stayed where he was.

We tried to get a picture of Kyle and the easter bunny but he clung to Daddy pretty tight and would have none of that so we didn't really get a good picture. Maybe next year.

Haylee didn't have a problem with the easter bunny and was excited to meet him and get her picture taken with him.

We also got the kids together with some cousins and colored some easter eggs. It was a little messy but the kids did a good job and had a lot of fun. You just have to color eggs on easter.

Kyle needed a little help and insisted on putting the egg into the color with his hand and then taking it out and putting it in again over and over. So needless to say he had colored hands also after it was all done. He also liked putting the stickers on the eggs too. We had some nice looken easter eggs after they were done.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

First visit from the tooth fairy

Haylee lost her first tooth the other day. It was pretty exciting for her to get to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. The next morning the first thing she did was check under her pillow to see what she got. It was exciting but a little sad for Mom, she seems so young to be losing teeth already. Sometimes this little girl is just growing up too fast for me. But she can't stay small forever. I just wish she would take her time growing up sometimes.

Saying Goodbye!!

Well we are officially moved and into our new house in Kennewick. It was a little sad saying goodbye to our little house that we had made so many memories in. Moving was tough, thankfully we had so much help, I honestly don't think I could have done it all without help. It is amazing how much stuff you aquire in 3 1/2 years. We are happy to be in our new house and love our new neighborhood. It is full of friendly people and a lot of families. When we moved in we got a lot of friendly welcomes from the neighbors we had one couple bring us flowers and another neighbor brought us some freezer meals (which are always good for those nights when I am too tired to cook) and she made cute little bunny suckers for the kids. It is kinda cool too because the people who live next door to us actually have a little 4 year old girl named Haylee (spelled the same way) and a two year old boy. Haylee came over and brought a picture that she had drawn to welcome us to the neighborhood and asked if Haylee wanted to go out and play with her. It was really cute they got along really well. She had a motorized car that the two of them took turns driving around our cultasac. Then they got toys and dolls and played in the front yard for a while. I hope they will always be good friends. We love our new house and neighborhood but it was still a little sad to leave our little house and move on to a new one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Well we finally found out if we will be having a little boy or a little girl added to our family. Haylee and Kyle are going to have a little brother. Haylee was a little bummed that it wasn't a girl. We told her that this means that she doesn't have to share her room, but this didn't seem to help very much. I think she is going to just love the little guy though and mommy him just as much as she mommys Kyle. I think it is going to be good for Kyle to have a little brother too. They will be two years apart so hopefully good friends. Seth is excited to have the balance of power shift in his favor. I reminded him that the girls would still run the show. We think it will be good and are excited to meet the little guy.