Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling Better!!

Well we are all finally feeling a little bit better. Haylee ended up getting the same virus that Kyle had and was sick for about a week. Thankfully we didn't have to take her in to the E.R. We thought we might have to at one point because she was looking pretty bad but she pulled through. We threatened her that if she didn't start drinking she was going to have to go the hospital and get a shot in her arm. I think that was motivation enough for her to drink on her own. I also ended up with the horrible virus and was also sick for about a week. We are now starting to feel a little better and are very thankful for that. It makes me a little bit nervous that we are already getting sick and we haven't even begun flu season yet. I am also so grateful for the fact that we have a worthy priesthood holder in our home. Seth and his Dad were able to give Kyle a blessing before he went to the hospital and Seth gave Haylee one also when she was doing pretty bad. It is such a comfort to have that blessing in our lives.
So it finally feels like we are back in the swing of things. It was a little stressful for a while but feels like things might be slowing down a bit. We are settling into a little routine during the day, which I like. Seth is also getting things settled back at school. I just really hope for a fun fall, with as little sickness as possible and just a lot of good times. Heres to wishing right!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sick weekend!

Well this last weekend was not the best for our family. Our little guy got sick with diarhea and he was throwing up. Saturday night we realized that this was serious and we needed to probably go into the emergency room. He was very pale and lathargic and didn't want to eat or drink anything. This scared me really bad. We rushed to the ER. They took some blood from him and gave him some fluids through an IV. It was hard but we were feeling like this will help him get better. We got home from the ER around 2 in the morning and the second we walked through the door, he threw up everywhere. I thought "great, all the liquid they just put in him is gone." The next day he didn't look much better and still I couldn't get him to drink anything. I knew that he was dehydrated because I hadn't seen a wet diaper for a while. Finally he got really bad and was just not there. It was hard to look at the little guy, he just looked so sick. I said thats it, and we went back to the ER and he was admitted to the pediatric floor in the hospital around 4pm on Sunday. They gave him another IV. The first time she couldn't get it into his vein and he was screaming and I was crying because it was hurting him. It was horrible to watch, I finally said I wanted someone else to come and try again. A different nurse came in and tried to start his IV and told us that it was REALLY hard to get a vein because he was so dehydrated. Finally she got it, thank goodness and they were able to start some fluids. We were in the hospital with him until Monday night, when he finally started to show signs that he was recovering and he would drink a little bit on his own.
This experience has made me more sympathetic to parents who have any sick kids that have to be hospitalized. It is by far the hardest thing in this world to have to look at your child and have them look at you with these pleading eyes and have there be nothing you can do for them. It is an intense feeling of helplessness. It is horrible to have to hold your baby down, while they stick him with needles while he is crying. I think I have found the hardest part about being a parent. We got lucky though that he recovered so quickly. I am thankful everyday for the doctors and nurses that helped him. It is amazing though the feeling you get when you know that your child is sick and needs help. Aint nobody getting in the way of him getting what he needs. The second time I took him to the ER, I walked in there ready for a fight. I was not going to wait 5 seconds. I told that lady he needed to get seen NOW!! I said I don't care we need to get back there right now. This Mother Bear just comes out of you and your are willing to do whatever it takes to help him. I think the lady knew that I meant business and they got us back right away. I also think though that you could tell just looking at Kyle that he needed help right away.
Turned out that he was so dehydrated that he didn't even have any tears when he would cry. This made me feel horrible, like I had done failed him or done something wrong, but it happened faster than you would think. They told us that he had some kind of virus and to watch his sister because it is very contagious. I am praying that she doesn't get it too. I hope everyone out there with kids right now takes extra care to wash hands and to those things so that you miss this one. It is pretty bad. Good luck.