Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting crafty

So I have never in my life decorated a ginger bread house. So I thought as a good family home evening activity we would do this. Haylee was very exited and couldnt wait for Daddy to get home so we could decorated it. I have now found out why I have never decorated a ginger bread house. I looked at the box at the store and thought, "that looks easy enough." I was confindent that I could do it. Although the final product of our gingerbread house turned out alright, it in no way looked liked the one on the box. It is actually really hard. I think my frosting was too dry, so we had a hard time spreading it. Also I had a hard time explaining to Haylee that we couldnt just eat all the candy. Even though it was messy, and didnt turn out exactly the way I wanted, it was still a lot of fun. Haylee had a good time and was proud of it. She was also happy we didnt use all the candy cause she got to eat the leftovers.