Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can't believe that my baby is THREE

Haylee turned 3 years old on Friday. I cannot believe that I have a three year old. It seems like just yesterday that she was a little baby. I thought that there was a huge difference between her turning three and when she turned two. She was so excited about her birthday. She new that she was having a party and she new who was comming to her party. She also new that her party was on Friday so everyday she would ask me what day it is and how many more days until friday. She would say "how does it go?" and I would have to repeat the days of the weak (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so forth). I thought it was kinda cute. Also she had a list of things that she wanted for her birthday, and you would think that with a three year old her wish list would be totally bizarre and way out there, but hers was actually very practical. She told us that she wanted more legos and two my Little Ponies and Bendaroos (she got this off of an infomertial) and roller skates.

We had a really fun time, we invited all her cousins and a couple friends so she had quite a few friends to play with and was just having the time of her life with all her friends. We did a little BBQ with just some hotdogs and chips and watermelon it was really good.

Of course Haylee had to have a Dora cake. It is all about Dora right now. So we went to Albertsons and she got to pick out which Dora cake she wanted. She was really excited, I thought that the cake actually turned out pretty cute too.

It turned out to be a great day. Haylee got a lot of really good stuff and we all had a fun time. She knows that she is three now and so she will tell you that proudly if you ask her. It seems a little crazy for both Seth and I that we have a three year old. I don't feel old enough. The time goes by so fast that you really have to just soak up every minute of it. I am going to remember this when our new little guy arrives.

31 weeks and counting

So I am 31 weeks and one day. I wanted to take a picture at 30 weeks because I kinda think that is a mile marker but it just didnt happen. I thought it would be neat to have a couple of pictures throughout the pregnancy though so I could see how much my belly has grown. I know that I am starting to get big though just due to how angry I get when I accidently drop something and then have to bend down and pick it up. I have been using Haylee a lot for this. I'll drop something and call her to come pick it up for me. She is a trooper and a big help most of the time. Also the baby is getting bigger and sometimes it feels like he is going to kick right through the skin. All in all though things are going pretty good so far. I am starting to get a little uncomfortable and have a tough time breathing at times but other than that its all good. I am also getting a little stir crazy because I dont really have anything and nothing is ready for this little guy. I tell myself I have a lot more time but I am feeling those nesting instincts kicking in I think and I want to get stuff ready for him. One of the main things is that we can not come up with a name for him. We have been through a ton of lists and nothing seems to fit. I think boy names are definately tuffer than girls names. I just hope we have one by the time he gets here so we dont have to just pick one at the last minute.