Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st day of school

Haylee has officially started school. She looked so cute on her first day and she was really excited. When I took her to school the teacher let the parents stay for a story. It was a cute story about a little raccoon that was going to his first day of school and was a little scared. So to make him feel better his Mom kisses the palm of his hand so he can take the kiss with him to school. After the story the teacher had all the parents give their child a kiss in their hand and then say goodbye. As I said goodbye to Haylee she had no problem with me leaving she just kinda said see ya while I was the one fighting back the tears. I realize she is growing up and it is all going so fast. It seems like yesterday she was just a baby.

So far she has done really well in school and she really likes it. She has made some friends in her class and really likes her teacher. I think she is going to do great. Haylee has always been the most curious child. One of the first things she learned to say was "whats that?". And I remember her saying that over and over about different things she would see before she was even two. She absolutely loves to learn. I hope she always has a passion for learning and continues to enjoy school.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Blessing for Max!!

We were able to bless our little guy at church a little while ago. He did so good, he didn't cry at all and he looked so adorable in his little blessing outfit. My Mom and I went shopping for his outfit while she was here. We found two different ones that we liked but we decided to go with the simpler of the two. It was actually a new born size. It surprised me that it fit him, but the other one was 0-3 months and it was too big. He is soo cute in this picture and I love it because you can really tell just how skinny he is and how long his arms are they reach all the way over his head which I hear is uncommon for a new born baby. He gets this feature from his Dad. We think he might be long and lean just like Seth. I also like this picture because it looks like he is saying "Yay I got blessed." Its just cute.

I got pictures of both my other kids kinda like this on the floor in their blessing outfits so I had to get one of Max too. I think we got a couple cute ones.

I was so glad that my parents were able to come for the blessing. It was so nice to have them here. My Dad got to meet the little guy for the first time also so that was great. Its so hard having so much family so far away. I wish that they could know my kids and see them. So I was gratefull for any family that I could have for this special day. Max is a little upset in this picture but still cute.

Haylee is the proudest big sister. She really loves this little guy. It doesn't matter that he is a boy. I thought she would warm up to him. She still says that she wants a sister but she loves her little brothers. She is so good with Kyle and I am sure that she and Max will get along just as good. She is such a little Mommy to these little boys.

I am so thankful everyday for these beautiful children that I was so blessed to raise. They are amazing. It is so much fun to me to watch our little family grow.

Seth did an awesome job on the blessing. I think he was glad to have it done and over with. We came home and had some people over for lunch and then sadly had to say goodbye to my parents. It was a good day though and it all turned out really well.