Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best of Friends

Haylee and Kyle have been playing together so good lately. Kyle even says Haylee now. It is the cutest thing. It is hard to make out but it is definately Haylee that he is trying to say. The other day they were playing hide and go seek with Daddy and when Kyle and Daddy were looking for Haylee Kyle would call her, it was pretty cute. Also Kyle loves to climb into things, he got this little wagon for his birthday and has a great time taking a ride around the house in it. Whenever Haylee would stop pulling him he would cry. He also gets rides in other things around the house. Basically anything that Kyle can fit in, the laundry basket or his toy box, at least they are creative. He loves his big sister and I love to watch them play together. It is fun to see them get along and have fun. It is also nice for me because I get more done around the house. I love these kids.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Fun!!

This year the kids and I spent Halloween in California with my family. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away about a week before Halloween. We drove to Sacramento for the funeral. I decided that since I was already here I would drive home with my Mom and help out down here for a while. My sister is pregnant and due in a few weeks and could also use a little help. Unfortunately Seth had to go home and go to work. It was really hard not being together for Halloween this year. I think the kids had a good time with their cousins from California that they rarely get to see though.

This is a picture of Haylee with her cousin Christopher a couple days before Halloween while we carved pumpkins. Haylee and I carved our pumpkin together. I thought we did a pretty good job.

Haylee had a hard time this year deciding what she wanted to be for Halloween. Every time I would ask her what she wanted to be she would change her mind. But finally she landed on a dog. She really liked the costume and enjoyed running around the house acting like a dog. I thought she made a pretty cute dog.
I was trying going to make Kyle a football player for Halloween this year but I couldn't find an acceptable jersey for him to wear. All they had were the Raiders or the 49ers. Both of which are not acceptable teams (according to my husband.) But luckily my sister had a jersey and some pants that didn't have a team on them. I looked everywhere for a helmet for him too but couldn't find one. I don't honestly think he would have kept it on anyway. He did have a little football he carried around though. Everybody thought he was the cutest thing. I had all kinds of people coming up to me telling me how cute he was.

I wasn't sure how Kyle was going to do this year trick or treating. He is only 14 months old so I didn't expect too much from him. I thought I would just take him to a couple of houses and we would call it good. He sure proved me wrong. He is a pro trick or treater. He even carried his bucket around. He like picking which piece of candy he got out of the bowl and then he would proudly show me and put it in his bowl. They were cute trick or treating together. Haylee got tired of going slow though. After a couple of streets Kyle went home and after that Haylee insisted on running from door to door. At least I got a little bit of a work out.

Well here is the clan before they went out. Haylee the dog. Kyle the football star. Christopher was a knight. And little Matilda was a cookie. They were a cute bunch.