Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting Ready!!

Well as I get closer to the end of this pregnancy I am getting totally excited to have another little baby in the house. I went in for my 36 week check up a couple of days ago and was told that I am already 50-60% efaced and 1 and 1/2 cm dialated. I was happy to hear that something was happening since I have had a lot of pain and discomfort in an uncomfortable spot. I have noticed some contractions going on every now and then. I am hoping that things will continue to progress slowly on its own. Both my Mom and my sisters would have contractions for a few hours every now and then and by the time they went to the hospital were already at like a 6. I think this sounds like an okay way to do things. A little bit at a time, it seems like if you do it this way its almost like you get a little head start. Really I just hope that everything goes okay and I am able to have a safe and healthy baby.
I have also started getting this little guys nursery together. I live for nurseries and know that I probably wont be able to do an entire nursery in the future because as we get more kids they will have to share rooms. While I have the opportunity though I am totally going to do one. I was so lucky because I was able to find an entire bedding set that included a bumper, quilt, sheet, valance, skirt, light switch cover, mobile, wall paper border, and diaper stacker online on ebay. I was able to get it all for just $12.50 plus shipping. It was a pretty good deal that I was proud of. It is such a cute set too, its all sports themed and is covered with basketballs, soccerballs, footballs, and baseballs. This was the only thing that my husband would go for in his sons room. I didn't mind though and actually think it is all really cute. So everything showed up today and now I am looking at colors and thinking about painting. I just think it is so much fun. I also have started washing little clothes and blankets in Dreft. The only thing I need now that I can't seem to find is a dresser for his room. So if anyone knows of a dresser for sale or has one they don't need let me know. I love to decorate but am not the best at it, so hopefully this nursery will turn out looking okay in the end.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Fun

We went over to Grandmas house for a BBQ before the fireworks on the fourth of July and she had her pool out for the kids. I had forgotten to bring Haylees simming suit so we told her not to get that wet. Well within minutes it was too much too resist and she was soaked. So we took her clothes off and borrowed a shirt and swimmer from Hank (Haylees cousin). They just live up the street and ran home to get a t-shirt so that Haylee would have something to wear. Well Haylee wanted to get back in the water. Only she didnt want to wear the shirt she wanted to go like Hank. We tried to explain to her that little boys can go without a shirt but little girls have to wear a shirt. Her immediate response to this unfair rule was "well I want to be a boy." I thought this was funny. We decided to let her go ahead and swim without it. Afterall we will always have this picture of them that might come in handy one day. The important thing was that they both had a really good time.

We made to a baseball game this summer. It was really fun. We went to a game that had dollar feast night. They had hotdogs and other things for only a dollar. So needless to say we ate some really good stuff that night. The game turned out to be a blowout, with us winning by a lot, but it was still fun. Also we got to see some pretty cool fire works afterwards.
Here is Haylee enjoying a hotdog at the game. She had a really good time.