Friday, October 15, 2010


Kyle has the CUTEST crazy face. I'm not sure where he picked this up (probably Daddy). But all you have to say to him is "Kyle show me the crazy face," and he gives you this silly face. It just makes me laugh everytime I see it. I love this kid. He makes life fun.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just say a Prayer!!

Yesterday it was raining hard almost all day. I made a comment to Seth that it had been raining a lot lately. He said that this much rain was hard on the potatoes out at his Dads farm and that they were going to have a hard time because it will be so muddy. Well Haylee was listening to us and she perked right up and told us that all we needed to do was say a prayer that the rain would stop so that papa could get his potatoes. We were in the car at the time and so Haylee went ahead and started to say a prayer for Papa and his potatoes. It was the cutest thing ever. I think it is funny how sometimes I learn more from her than she learns from me. It was a good lesson for me. When things get rough just say a prayer.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Haircut!!

Kyle's hair has been getting so long lately that it was almost into his eyes. Finally I thought Ok, this kid needs a haircut. I was a little bit worried because I had never cut his hair before. He has already had like 4 haircuts because the kid has a lot of hair (he gets that from his Mom), but I had never cut it. Usually my Mom has cut it for me whenever we are visiting her. So I called her up just to get some pointers on what to do and I went for it. I was actually really pleased with the job that I did. He didn't look half bad. I didn't cut a whole bunch off because I was such a chicken about it. I figured if I messed up it would not take as long to grow out if I didn't cut it too short. I think it turned out good though. I was so proud. I tried to capture some pictures of the final product.

He is a pretty handsome boy!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Answer is YES!!

Haylee had her first sleepover last night. Grandma had to watch cousin Chloe friday night anyway and asked if Haylee wanted to come over and have a sleepover at Grandmas with Chloe. When we asked Haylee if she would like to go her reaction was hilarious. She got sooo excited and told us that the answer was yes and that she was going to go pack her stuff up. She started talking about all the stuff that she was going to need to bring and which toys she was going to bring. It was really cute. She likes slumber parties at Grandmas house and doesn't seem to miss Mom and Dad at all. But I think that is a good thing. Haylee has always been very independent and likes to do things on her own. And even though it makes me a little sad that my baby is growing up so fast. I am glad that she is independent and can manage things on her own.