Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spitting Image!!

As I was looking back at old pictures I found one of Kyle when he was about Max's age and was amazed at how similar they look. If I didn't have the pictures organized I'm not sure I would have known who was who. Can you tell?

Well their birthdays are on the same day so they could be twins just two years apart from eachother. Man they look alike. This makes me wonder if he will look the way Kyle does now when he is two.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter fun

Here are the little ones all dressed up for easter Sunday. Unfortunately none of them were feeling very good. They all had little colds but we still thought it was important to get dressed up and go to church. Aren't they just adorable.
We had an easter egg hunt out in our backyard. The kids love easter egg hunts. Kyle is pretty proud of himself when he finds the eggs.

The little man Max is getting bigger fast. He was out watching the other kids hunt the eggs. He doesn't like the grass too much. I put him down in it and he cried, he was ok as long as he was standing though.

The part he liked best from his easter basket it seemed was the basket itself. Isn't that just the way it goes sometimes. All these toys and fun stuff in his basket and he is ok with just the basket by itself.

The easter bunny came and visited our kids this year and brought them a lot of fun stuff. They were excited to find all the goodies he had left them Sunday morning. Haylee asked what we leave for the easter bunny since we left Santa cookies and milk, we decided to leave the easter bunny carrots and water. She also wrote him a note and made him a picture.

As we were cleaning out our garage this spring break I came across an old diary I had when I was little and it had a key and a lock. Haylee saw it and thought it was the coolest thing and said "I want one of those," so that is what the easter bunny brought her and she was really excited.

Kyle got a magnadoodle in his easter basket but I think he was mostly interested in the candy.

Kyle made huge strides with the easter bunny in one year. Last year he wouldn't go near the easter bunny and this year he was totally willing to go up to him and give him fives and take a picture. Its amazing the difference a year makes.

Our annual neighborhood easter egg hunt was fun this year.

Kyle loved the roller paint brushes that we got this year they were pretty fun and gave the kids a little something extra to do with the eggs.

To keep Max occupied while we colored our easter eggs we just poured a bunch of plastic eggs on his high chair tray and he had a blast playing with them.

Happy Easter!!