Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little catchin up to do!!

So the time has gotten away from me once again. It has been pretty crazy here the last few weeks. First Haylee got sick for two weeks with a cough and cold. Then Kyle got the cough and cold. Then he got an ear infection, after that he came down with a fever that turned into rosiola. He is feeling a lot better now thank goodness but of course now its my turn and I am sick. I feel like saying Ahhhh are we all ever going to be healthy at the same time? Oh well, so needless to say I have not gotten around to blogging. I wanted to put a few pics on here and catch up.

We had a great Easter this year and conference was great. I thought the weather could have been a little warmer but it wasn't too bad. Haylee had a good time having an easter egg hunt in our back yard. It was fun for us too because she is a little older now so we could actually hide the eggs a little bit instead of just lying them in plain sight.
I love this picture of her. Every now and then I get lucky and get a good picture of her that I need to frame because she is hard to take a picture of these days. I thinks it is too difficult to sit still for 30 seconds. But this one turned out great, I was happy too because I didn't get any spring pictures of the kids this year.

I am so proud of Haylee. Lately she has just had this desire to learn. She wants to learn her alphabet and her numbers and she wants to write them. I know I don't even have to force her. Most of the time she prefers to do it herself but she will come ask me when she needs help. She will come say "Mom how do you draw a W, and I'll show her and then she will go practice doing it herself. I did a little quiz on her the other day just to find out how much she knew. I went through the entire alphabet to see how many letters she could identify by sight. She knew all but six or seven I think. I wish I could take credit for this but she just loves to do it. I hope this means that she will love school and enjoy learning the whole way through school. She has also learned to write her name all by herself so she decided to write her name on her egg this year while we were dying easter eggs. So this is a picture of her writing her name on her egg.

Seth of course did a stick boy egg. I thought it was actually pretty cute. He at one point thought about starting a clothing line called stickboy athletic. I thought it was a great idea. He had this logo on sweat shirts, shirts and beanies. It was pretty cute. So I guess this is like Seths trade mark since he is so skinny.

Since Kyle is still too small to color eggs we decided to do one for him. He has kinda aquired a nick name. I know what kind of nick name can come from Kyle right. Well we have started calling him "Kyle Man." It just kinda stuck. So we did an egg for Kyle that said "Kyle Man." I think he liked it.

Haylee went crazy dying eggs. She did a ton of them. Its a good thing that she likes hard boiled eggs so much because we had quite a few colored eggs this year.

Sunday Morning the kids woke up to find the easter bunny had come and left them a basket. Haylee was really excited about hers. She got tinkerbell flip flops, a jump rope, a new sleeping beauty polly pocket, and lots of candy. I think she liked it but she looks a little sleepy still in this picture.

In Kyles easter basket, he got a new toy, a jar of baby food, and a stuffed bunny. I know it hardly seems fair. Its tough being a baby sometimes. I don't think he cared tough. We just kinda placed him by his basket so we could get a picture of him. I think at this age his basket is more because I think its fun, and I couldn't leave him out right?

We were playing pretty pretty princess the other day, which is one of Haylees favorate games and I got this picture. Kyle likes to play with all the necklaces and bracelets while we play. Haylee put the crown on him and I got a picture of my prince and my princess that I thought was pretty darn cute. Hey at least they play together, even if it is dress up right. Little brothers get dressed up sometimes when they had big sisters. Just ask my little brother.

They also play with boy toys. They were playing with Kyles basketball on the floor the other day. So this is a picture of our future basketball players.

Kyle has found a new friend I think. He loves to sit at the glass sliding door and bang on it and yell at the dog. Even when we let the dog get close to Kyle he doesn't seem to mind. It must be the boy in him. Haylee was always afraid of dogs. It seems like Kyle is ready to get down and wrestle with him. I'm sure they will be good friends when the kids get a little bigger.