Sunday, September 13, 2009

A blessing for Kyle

Last weekend Kyle was blessed by his daddy. It was really neat because Kyle wore the same outfit that Seth wore when he was blessed. I thought, "What a neat thing to be able to bless your son in the same outfit that you were blessed in." My mother in law says that she even has a picture of Seth in the outfit so I am going to get a copy and put the two pictures next to eachother in his scrap book. I thought that would be really neat to have. Kyle did really good, he just slept the whole time he was being blessed. I was a little concerned because he was a little bit fussy that morning but it all worked out ok.

We were glad that my parents were able to come up to see Kyle blessed. This was the first time that my Dad had even seen Kyle so it was special. We had a good visit with them while they were here.

Seth was really nervous about the blessing all that morning. He did a great job though and was a little relieved to have it all done and over with. He joked about how he was going to bless him to be 6 foot 8 and be a profesional ball player. I told him that I thought that might be a little inapropriate. In the end we had a great blessing that I felt was perfect for this little guy.

Here is a picture of all the men that blessed my little guy. My Dad, Seth, his dad Bruce, and his brother Shane.

I can't get used to pictures of our little family of four. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful kids, and be building my own little family.


Well we are adjusting to life with two kids. I can't believe that Kyle is already 4 and 1/2 weeks old. Its been a little bit of an adjustment. Lately I have felt like my routine has just been thrown out the window. I have been trying really hard to find time to spend with Haylee during the day so that she doesn't feel left out. Kyle likes his bouncy chair a lot. It sings and vibrates his bum, its kinda like a baby massage chair. I am glad that I have it because he doesn't like to be put down, but he doesn't mind his bouncy chair.

So far Haylee and Kyle are good friends. Haylee hasn't seemed to be threatened by Kyle at all. She likes to help me change his diapers and she loves to pick out what he is going to wear that day. I try to let her help me with him as much as I can. There have been times when Haylee wants me to do something with her and I have to tell her that I can't right now because I have to take care of Kyle. It bothers her a little but she is really patient and just tells me that when I am done I can do it. I am very thankful for this, I am lucky to have such a good little girl. Don't get me wrong she has her moments but for the most part she is very helpful.

Kyle is definately a snuggle bug. Sometimes he will fall asleep while I am holding him and I will try to lay him down so I can get stuff done and immediately he wakes up. He loves you to hold him and snuggle with him. Seth doesn't seem to mind this though and actually likes having a nap time buddy. I have felt totally exhausted lately. I guess not getting more than three hours of sleep at a time will do that to you. I told Seth that it doesn't feel like different days, it just feels like one really long day with a lot of little naps in it. I think it is interesting how you seem to forget how hard that part of having a baby is but when you are up at 3 in the morning and you are finding it hard to even keep one eye open it all comes rushing back. It is all worth it though.