Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California trip

The kids and I recently took a trip to California to visit some of my family. It was really fun to see my family and let the kids play with some of their cousins that they don't see very often. My sister has three kids and so we went over and played at her house a lot.

Kyle and Grandad got to be pretty good pals. I thought this was cute he climbed up in the chair when Grandad was watching basketball and just sat there and watched with him. His Dad was pretty proud when I told him about this.

Since Haylee's birthday was only a few weeks away we thought it would be fun to throw her a party while we were there since none of these people get to come to her birthdays at home. We decided to do a water party since it was so hot. My sister Angie did a great job putting the party together. She made cupcakes and goodie bags and even got a pinata for the kids to enjoy.

We let all the kids take a wack at the pinata and then we just let Haylee finish it off. It is actually amazing how strong those things are. She did a pretty good job destroying it though.

Kyle and Matilda are only 3 months apart and got to be pretty good friends by the end of our trip. They were really cute together and even sometimes looked like they could be twins.

Kyles liked the water balloons the best of all. He would pick them up and throw them back in the pool and make the water splash all over him and laugh. He had a good time and was pretty wet by the time we were done.

He took a turn at the pinata and thought it was pretty neat that he got to hold the really big stick. He even hit it a couple of times. He didn't want to give up the stick though when his turn was done.

When we got there my Mom, sister and I decided to make a weekend of it and got a nice room for a couple of days. We took the kids to an animal park one day. It was really fun.

They even had a little petting zoo that the kids could enjoy. Kyle really liked petting the animals.

We also found a spot where we could bye some food and let the kids feed the ducks. It was pretty fun and Kyle was definately not afraid of them.

We had a really good time and enjoyed looking at all the animals. It was a really fun vacation and good to see some of my family I don't see very often.