Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two happy boys, two happy birthdays!!

August 12th was Kyle and Max's birthday.  I have been a little worried about the boys sharing a birthday ever since I realized at the hospital having Max that I was not going to have him before midnight the day before Kyles birthday.  The entire pregnancy I knew that it was going to be close but I never thought that it would actually happen on the same day.  I have wondered what it was going to be like have two kids with birthdays on the same day.  Will they feel sad that they don't get their own day?  Will they like having someone to share a birthday with? So we had our first experience with this and it wasn't too bad.  Of course Mas was turning 1 and won't remember any of it and Kyle was turning 3 and didn't care about anything but the presents and cake.

 Kyle picked out the cake he wanted at albertsons and was really excited about the monster truck cake.  They told me at albertsons that if I ordered a big cake I would get the 1 year old cake for free.  So I thought that was perfect seeing how I needed one of each anyway.  So we order the cakes and the morning of their birthday Albertsons calls me and tells me they can no longer give me the 1 year old cake for free because it was for a different person.  They can only give me the deal if they have the same name on them.  So I was pretty ticked and told them to forget it then and I would no longer order cakes through them.  So I went to Yokes and they have the same rule (stupid!!) but they were willing to give it to me this time.  However they did not have the monster truck kit.  So Seth and I thought we could find our own monster truck to put on the cake if they would just decorate it.  We looked all over and it was turning out to be harder to find a little monster truck than we thought.  Seth finally found a monter school bus.  Kyle loved it, and it came with a matching tatoo, even better.  So after everything I thought his monster truck cake turned out ok.  He was pretty happy with it too.
 We got Kyle a few little things but his main present was a basketball hoop.  He loved the one that my sister had at her house so we thought this would be a good idea.  Basketball is by far Kyles favorite sport.  I signed him up to play soccer and he liked it but was concerned that we were playing on a basketball court.  He really wanted to play basketball.
 One tricky thing about having two boys share a birthday is that no matter what they get for their birthday, they always want to play with whatever the other one got.  So Max wanted to play with Kyles toys which got Kyle a little upset and Kyle wanted to play with Max's toys.  It wasn't too bad we didn't have too many fights but I am a little concerned about the future when they get to be a little older.

 So we each held a boy and got ready to blow out the candles.  Max needed a little help from Kyle to get his candle out but Kyle was more than willing to help him out.
 At first Max was a little hesitant about his cake.  It was like he was looking at me like "really Mom this is all for me?" 
 I gave him a fork and then he really dug in.  He just didn't want to get his hands all in it I guess.  He ate a little of it but mostly had fun just playing in it.
 After the mess we took his diaper off and he got to have a little bath in Grandmas sink what a lucky guy.
So my two boys are exactly 2 years apart to the day.  I know they will not always get along and will fight like boys a lot of the time but hopefully they will always be good friends and not mind sharing a birthday.