Monday, August 17, 2009

He's finally here!!

Well after trying a couple of different things to try to get this baby to come, some of which included yoga on the wii, foot masages (which I personally liked the best), a lot of walking, and eating spicy foood....

After learning at our doctors appointment on Tuesday that there was no room at the hospital to induce me until the 22nd, I realized that this baby just had to come on his own. So the doc swept the membranes at that appointment on tuesday and finally I woke up Wednesday morning at 4 am with pretty strong contractions. I thought "they will probably go away like always," and went back to sleep. At 7:15 I realized that this was different and probably the "rfeal" thing. I woke up Seth and told him it was time to go. The contractions got really strong on the way to the hospital so I gave Seth permission to speed. It was pouring rain that morning also and so Seth said "this is much better than just driving there to be induced, it makes it more exciting." At that point I am not so sure if I agreed with him.

When we got to the hospital I was glad to see that my doc from apw was on call and I was sooo glad because I really like him. We went and got on the monitor and it didnt take very long for them to realize that this was no false alarm, (me screaming every now and then may have had something to do with it.) So they admitted me and got me into a room. I thought it would be a good idea to walk the halls a little bit to get things moving along. I found out about 3 minutes later that this was not a good idea as I almost ripped my husbands arm off in the hall. Needless to say it did not take a whole lot of convincing for them to talk me into an epidural. After that I felt great. My epidural with my first didnt work and I was worried this one my not. I was thankful to find out what an epidural is really suppose to feel like. They broke my water and for the next couple of hours I kinda just drifted in and out of sleep. It was great!! My Mom kept on saying "man this isn't fair, they didnt have this when I had a baby." I can honestly say that if I was her I don't think I would have had six kids (strong lady).

I progressed pretty fast this time around and soon found that it was time to push. When the doctor came in he said that I was bleeding a little too much and that we needed to get this baby out. I heard him tell the nurse that if we couldn't get the baby out fast we may need to do a c-section. Well I was really scared, not knowing where the bleeding was coming from and there was no way I was going to have another c-section when I had made it this far so that was all the motivation I needed and it took me three pushes and he was out. I later found that this may have been a mistake because I got a second degree tear, which is pretty painful. But the baby was here and the bleeding stopped right away and everything was fine. I was just happy to have him here. All in all I thought it went great. I was sooo grateful to be able to have him vbac and not have to have surgery, having had such a terrible experience the first time.

I was surprised to find out that he had so much dark hair. I thought that he would come out bald because Seth was bald when he was born. I had dark hair when I was born so maybe he looks more like me. I love his hair though and was really glad that he had so much. We made fun of Seth and told him that he was jealous because Kyle had more hair than him. I don't think he found this very funny.

We got Kyle a "little brother shirt" and made Haylee one that said "big sister." We took a picture of them with there shirts on, it turned out okay, even though you can't see them very well. This was our first family of four picture, ( I wish I looked a little better in it).

Haylees reaction to her little brother was a little surprising. She actually didn't really care very much. She liked holding him and was happy to see him but I just don't think she was very effected by it. This can very well change over time. She helps out a little bit so far though and will run and get me things that I need sometimes, and she likes picking out his clothes.

So even after they scared me so bad at my 37 week ultrasound by telling me that at that point he was already 8 pounds 2 ounces he only weighed 8 pounds six ounces. I thought since they are suppose to gain 1/2 a pound week he would be at least nine pounds. I was happy he wasn't. He was big enough though.
Well we are a family of four now and really happy that he is here. We are trying to adjust to life with two kids. Beside the fact that I feel like I havn't slept in three days and that my chest is filled with lead everything is going good. I feel so blessed to be able to have such a beautiful baby. I am so grateful for him and the fact that I was able to have a safe and good delivery.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Still waiting

So we are still here waiting for this baby to come. I am not quite to my due date yet so I guess it is a little too early to get impaitient. However I had an ultrasound done at 37 weeks and they told me this baby was already 8 pounds so that makes me a little more anxious for him to get here. It is also frustrating because I have been having some pretty strong contractions every now and then, especially at night, but they always stop. I am reading different ways to naturally induce labor and things like that. I pretty sure none of that stuff works. My mom came up to help me out these last couple weeks and play the waiting game with me. It has been really fun having her here. We got the nursery done and everything put away for this little guy. Now we are waiting and doing A LOT of walking. Seth keeps telling me to have him soon because he has to go back to school on like the 26th of August so the sooner I have him the more time he gets to be here. Its like enough with the pressure. My doctor told me he is going to let me go all the way to the 22nd, which I can't even imagine. I think I am going to be pretty grumpy by then. So if anyone has a secret way to get a baby to kick into gear and get here, feel free to let me know, I am open to all kinds of suggestions at this point. I went to my appointment at the hospital yesterday and toured the birthing center and filled out paperwork. It was kinda neat but as we were leaving we saw a couple just leaving with there new baby. They were wearing byu idaho shirts so we talked to them for a while and said that we had gone there too. She asked me how much longer I had and I told her. She said she was happy to be done. I thought yeah, I'll trade you places. It was nice to see the baby and be reminded that this is all worth it. Well heres to the waiting game, hopefully we will have a baby soon, and hopefully he wont be 10 pounds. Cross your fingers for me.