Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation Time

We were able to get away this weekend for a much needed family vacation. We went with Seths family to the Oregon Coast. On the way home we were able to stop at the Multnoma Falls. It was beautiful there. I was a little disappointed that I couldnt hike up to the top because it was a little too hard for me being so far along. Seth hiked up to the top though with Kim and his niece and nephew. They had a blast. Haylee and I just went down and had some Hot Cocoa while they went to the top.
We were able to get one day with some sunshine while we were at the coast and these days are very rare so we took advantage. We had a great time and it was gorgeous. His parents rented a beautiful beach house for us to stay in right on the beach it was great.

The first day we got there it was a little bit foggy and cloudy but kinda cool. I didnt let that stop me though from building a sand castle. My Mom taught me that you can not go to the beach and not build a sand castle so I got one built. Haylee liked to run around in the mist and play in the sand. She had a great time.

On the way there we were able to stop in Portland and go see the animals at the zoo. I had a blast at the zoo. It was soo much fun showing Haylee all the different animals. She got to see the Polar Bears, which were amazing and there was a sign that showed how tall you would be compared to a polar bear. We thought it was pretty cool.

One of my favorite animals we saw was the orangitang. It was so cool because he came right up to the glass and would look the kids right in the eye. I got a picture of him staring Haylee down. She just stared right back at him. It was really neat.

The fish were another favorite of Haylees. They had some really really big fish and then some really small fish. She went nuts over this saying "Look at this one and this one." I thought it was fun to see her so excited.

We had a great trip at the zoo. It was a little tiring for me to walk around all day but totally worth it. In fact we didnt quite get to see all the animals. I was kinda disappointed that we didnt get to see the rino and the hippos and the sea otters. It was a good thing we left when we did or else I think someone would have had to carry me out of there. But I didnt want to leave it was so great. All in all I thought this was a really great vacation and we got to see some really cool things.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Louder and Louder

So apparantly children tend to get louder as they get older. Sometimes when Haylee is singing now she is basically yelling the song. I even questioned at one point if she could hear ok. I dont think that is the problem thought, I think she just likes to be loud. She seems to be yelling more and more things these days. The library is always a fun experience. Today at Walmart she was running ahead of me singing really loud as usual. I got a lot of looks from people, thankfully it was usually just kind of a smile like "how cute." One lady though did comment and say "wow she has a lot of energy." I usually just nod and smile.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting bigger

Well I am almost 25 weeks pregnant and counting. I can't wait sometimes to meet this little guy. But I am also trying to just enjoy this time right now. It is a good part of the pregnancy now. There is no nausea and I don't feel too uncomforable yet. Also I love just laying in bed sometimes and feeling him kick and move inside. Once I found out that I was having a boy I started to get a little more connected and excited about the pregnancy. I am starting to have a hard time finding clothes that I want to wear. I hate spending money on clothes that I am only going to wear for a couple of months though. But it seems that I won't be able to put this off too much longer. I think that there are a lot of really cute maternity clothes these days too so shopping may be fun.

Haylee is also getting excited to have a little brother and is just so cute sometimes when she talks about him. She tells me that she is going to take care of him and gets a little nervous that we don't have enough bottles or pacifiers for the baby. I thought this was very thoughtful of her so when I go shopping for these things I think it will be fun to take her with me and let her pick out a few things her self. I think it is good that she wants to be involved. I am sure the reality of the situation will not fully hit her until she realizes that he is here to stay and she will be sharing Mom and Dad with him but hopefully this transition will not be too difficult for her.