Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a big girl now!

Well Haylee is officially in a big girl bed. I have to admit it was a little difficult for me to move out her crib. We had changed her crib into a toddler bed, which was also hard but this was a little more difficult. I wish she wouldnt grow up so fast. She likes her new big girl bed though and I think she is more comfortable in it because she has a little bit more room. I was a little bit nervous at first that she might fall out of it, but she so far has not fallen out. It just makes her seem so big.

Snow Days

We recently had some snow fall here in the tri-cities. It was a little too cold to really do anything with. Haylee got to at least go out and play a little bit though. She likes the snow all the way up until she gets too cold. She and Daddy went out one day and tried to make snow angels. I thought they turned out pretty good. I did now participate in this activity though because I think the snow is just too cold.
Whenever Daddy needed to go out and shovel the driveway, Haylee insisted on going out there with him to help. She mainly just played in the snow while she was out there though. But Seth sure enjoyed the company.

The snow ended up actually getting pretty deep. Haylee would try to run outside in it and would end up just like this. I think it was deep enough that it went all the way up to her knees. She didnt mind though.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year. Haylee got this food from Grandma Davis to go with her Kitchen set that Santa brought her. She loved all the food. It was probably one of her favorite gifts.
Mommy and Daddy gave her a little people farm that she liked. I was a little disappointed that I wasnt able to get the play house but this was okay.

This is her Kitchen set that she got from Santa Clause. It was a big hit, she loved it and is constantly making us dinner.

Goodbye Grandma Johnson and Grandpa Gregg

It has been a hard couple of months at the Johnson home. Early in November we recieved the sad news that Seths Grandma had passed away. We immediately made plans and got into the car to drive to Utah to say our goodbyes. She was a great woman and will be missed by a lot of wonderful people. Not long after this happened, on my birthday in December we learned that my grandfather had also passed away. Due to the weather we were unable to drive to California for the funeral. So I decided to fly down to say goodbye to a man that will always remain in my thoughts. Although it has been extremely hard to lose two wonderful people in such a short time we are doing well. We realize how short and precious life is. We will miss both of our grandparents deeply but are thankful that we were able to spend such precious time with them. As we say goodbye to 2008 we hope that we will have some happier times to come.