Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

 I have been having some trouble with blogger lately so I have not been able to blog very much.  I finally got it to work enough to blog.  I had to blog about halloween.  We had a good Halloween this year.  We were going to go to a different corn maze this year but the weather was not cooperating so we decided to just go out to country mercantile.  It was rainy a little but we bundled up and took out umbrellas and decided to have fun anyway.  Seth and the kids climbed Hay mountain.  They all made it to the top and fun fun getting there.
The kids then jumped into the hay maze and Haylee did a good job helping the other little ones find there way through it.
She takes her job as the big sister very seriously and made sure that Kyle and Max found there way out.

We went to the corn maze next, even though I don't know why.  Every year we do it and every year I just get frustrated with it.  At first we were having fun taking turns deciding which way to go, then it slowly turned into just Seth and I deciding which way to go.  Until finally we were not even trying to find the exit anymore we were just trying to find the entrance again so we could get the heck out of there.  Max started to be less than fun and it started to get cold and we were just walking around in circles.  We will probably try again next year. 
Max wasn't too excited about picking a pumpkin.  He just watched us walk around and look at them and he found himself a nice spot to sit and relax.
Kyle got a little cold and tired so we let him have a ride back in the wagon with the pumpkins, he got a kick out of that. 
If you can believe it I climbled up on the straw mountain to help Max get through the little tunnel, I made it and it was really kinda fun.  As adults we have to use our kids as excuses to why we are playing on the kid toys. 
Carving pumpkins was fun this year.  It was interesting because Kyle has never enjoyed carving pumpkins he thinks it is discusting and stinks and wants no part of it.  Haylee has dug right in from day one and Max didn't seen to have a problem with it either and jumped right in there. Kyle did a little better this year as long as I gave him a really long spoon.  I think it may have had something to do with the fact that he saw Max doing it.  He and Max shared a pumpkin and did a great job cleaning it out. Haylee wanted to do her own pumpkin this year so I let her do it.  She did a simple pumpkin with triangle eyes and nose and a mouth.  It turned out really good.
This year for Halloween we had a beautiful angel, a cowboy, and a football player.  I was impressed with Haylee this year.  Usually she changes her mind over and over again, but this year we saw some angel wings she liked and she stuck with it until the end.  She got a really cute dress to wear from Chloe and she found the wings, gloves and halo herself and it turned out really pretty.  Kyle was a cowboy last year so I was actually glad when he said he wanted to be that again because I already had the costume.  Then I realized that it was lost and couldn't find it.  I was mad to have to buy a cowboy costume for the second year in a row but oh well.  You would think a cowboy is a fairly common costume too and should be easy to find.  It was actually really hard to find, I had to go to the Halloween store and it was extremely over priced for the whole costume so I just bought the scarf and vest and made it work.  He was a pretty cute cowboy.  I decided to have Max be a football player because I thought it was neat that both Haylee and Kyle were football players on there second Halloween.  So all three of my kids now have been football players one their second Halloween. 
 So here is the cousins all dressed up and ready to go trick or treating.  Dylan didn't go this year.  He is getting a little bigger and didn't want to go out.  It is amazing how fast they grow. We had a cute bunch this year.
Kyle and Max had a hard time keeping up with the older kids so it was good that they had eachother to trick or treat with.  Kyle did a good job showing Max the ropes.  They both did really good and had fun trick or treating. 

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